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Sufix Fishing Lines

The suifix 832 advanced superline braid coastal camo braided saltwater fishing line is the perfect choice for those looking for a high-quality, versatile line. This line is made with multiple layers of super-strength braid and coastal camo for a unique look and feel. The line is easy to use and is perfect for use in saltwater as well as coastal camo.

Sufix Siege 14 lb

Sufix Siege 14 lb

By Sufix

USD $14.17

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The sufix 832 advanced superline braid camo braided freshwater bass fishing line is a great line for those looking to add a little bit of color and life to your fishing. This line is made with a deep red and blue braided freshwater line it is perfect for using in salt water. The line is also compatible with the sufix 832 and other advanced superlines.
the sufix 603-103 ice magic cold weather line is a 6 in 1 line that has a clearfix action and is made of 100% plastic. It is #300yd and has a clear fix action that lets you set and clear a line at the same time. The line is 3 lb and is clear so you can easily make good action. It is a good choice for those looking for a clear line that can handle a lot of weather.
the sudix fishing line is a top quality, durable and easy to use line. It is made with a high quality tritanium plus mono 14 lb spooled with copolymer fishing line. It is a great choice for those who use a variety of lines and want to make sure it remains in condition during use. The key color for this line is blue.